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Starting a 13 Week Experiment in The Old West

When I stepped off the plane, the air hit me like a slap with a wet towel. I hadn't been in Texas for years, and coming from Erie Colorado's 63 degrees, San Antonio was a bit of a shock.

Yes, team, I have managed to put myself in San Antonio on the first day of the new experiment. A good friend from graduate school is marrying, and wanted me to dust off my old Universal Life Church ordination and perform a mildly Buddhist wedding. Right now, I'm in a pleasantly old-fashioned motor inn with knotty pine furniture and an air conditioner laboring diligently in the bedroom half of the room, and I'm reflecting on the old saying that life is what happens when you're making other plans.

In my case, life is what happens when you're trying to start an experiment. Still, unless I want to develop agoraphobia, I have to come out of my little circumscribed life every so often,

Although sometimes claiming agoraphobia is an interesting option.

So, I'm starting the next 13 week experiment anyway, and here's my final offer of what I'm going to do. The hypothesis: a somewhat higher-carb diet, along with intermittent fasting, will result in more sustained weight loss without adversely affecting my blood sugar. The measure here, of course, is weight, and I'll continue measuring that every morning, nude, within 30 minutes after getting up. Okay, I admit it, I care about the weight. I'll also be taking at least daily blood glucose readings with the Bayer USB glucometer; that records everything.