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Justin Bieber Accepts Award, Dismisses Boos For Bad Behavior

The 40th American Music Awards - Show

From HuffPo:

The "Beauty and the Beat" singer was accepting the Milestone Award when the crowd seemed to erupt in boos. Looking a bit confused, Bieber went on to assert that he thinks only the "craft" and his music should be considered, arguing that "none of the other bull" mattered. While it's unclear what Bieber was referencing, he has had a number of bad public relations moments as of late, having lost his temper with the paparazzi in London and being caught smoking marijuana.

"This is not a gimmick," Bieber said. "I’m an artist and I should be taken seriously.”

He may be an "artist" but if he wants to be taken seriously, he's got some growing up to do.

In the absence of large banners that read "Bieber can’t sing" there is only one logical conclusion as to why the crowd booed. He betrayed his "Beliebers" by violating his brand and their trust.

What the wonder-boy of marketing apparently doesn't get, is that his most avid fans are children -- young enough to buy his dolls. He's done an excellent job of branding himself as a clean-cut, all-American boy and enjoyed the parental stamp of approval. Who, I might add, are the actual consumers of the vast array of toys and products bearing his image, all of which propel his "craft."

The "other bull" as he so eloquently put it, is not just bad press.

Sorry Justin, but your music is not so wonderful that parents of your young fans will take them by the hand and follow a tatted-up pot-head down the Britney Spears path of destruction.