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Walter Hudson's Guide For Making Peace Between Christians and Objectivists

Editor's Note:

In the coming years my friend Walter Hudson is going to emerge as one of his generation's most effective, engaging voices fighting on behalf of freedom and American values. It's been a great joy to work with Walter and see him continue to explore a variety of different subjects and styles. He's proven himself as one of my most reliable regular writers, turning in polished, well-thought pieces each week that challenge and entertain. I'm convinced that someday everyone else will come to the conclusion that I have: he's his generation's equivalent of Dennis Prager -- a welcoming, accessible, but still challenging, honest voice, capable of changing hearts and minds simultaneously. And he's a Tea Party activist out in the grassroots doing work in his own state and community. 

I'll highlight some of Walter's most engaging articles in several free miniature e-book collections here at PJ Lifestyle in the future. So far, I plan to bring together some of his writings on video games, race, Good and Evil, popular culture and the joys of capitalism. But first, I would like to begin showcasing Walter's talent with this collection of four articles he wrote during February on a mission that he and I both fight together, the attempt to reconcile two warring philosophies and their activist movements: the Judeo-Christian tradition and Ayn Rand's Objectivism. The battle between secular radicals and religious fundamentalists is a false one. We can be both Bible-based people of faith and reason-minded, science enthusiasts. Walter makes the case in an invigorating, compelling way and I invite everyone to dive in to his engaging arguments.

Below you can click to see the original articles and the spirited debate they produced or jump to the articles in this collection. The pieces in this compilation feature new editorial afterwords by me. 

- David Swindle, PJ Lifestyle Editor

First published February 7, 2013:

5 Common Accusations Leveled at Christianity

Objectivst philosopher Andrew Bernstein debates Judeo-Christian apologist Dinesh D’Souza. Click here to start at the beginning of the series on page 2.

First published February 14, 2013:

Christianity on Trial

Objectivist philosopher Andrew Bernstein accused Christianity of rejecting reason in his recent debate with apologist Dinesh D'Souza. Click to jump to part 2 on page 8.

First published February 21, 2013:

6 Fatal Misconceptions

As a dialogue begins between advocates of Ayn Rand's objectivist philosophy and professing Christians, it's vitally important to clarify terms. Click here to jump to part 3 on page 14.

First published: February 28, 2013:

Onward Christian Egoist

Adherents of Ayn Rand and followers of Jesus Christ must set aside differences to secure individual rights. Click here to jump to the conclusion on page 21.