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Dennis & Hugh: When Jewish and Christian Friends Talk About God

My friend RJ Moeller has done it again. Last fall, when he first told me about his hopes to start a series of interfaith, cross-cultural dialogue events, I knew he had a great idea, but whether he would actually pull it off seemed to me an open question. RJ always overflowed with great ideas and an infectious enthusiasm to share them with others. So as great as it would be for him to bring together more Adam Carolla-Dennis Prager-style combinations, I wondered if this idea would really come to fruition or if another of his entrepreneurial efforts would take off instead.

And I have to say, I'm really a bit stunned not just that RJ pulled this off, but that he managed to organize it all so quickly. And not only that, but could he have picked a more appropriate subject to begin with than defining the Judeo-Christian value system?

"Ask a Jew" will take place on Sunday, March 17 from 4:00-6:00 at Mariners Church in Irvine, CA, and tickets can be purchased here for $25, or $75 for VIP reserved tickets and a pre-show reception. This week I asked RJ a few questions to learn more about what he's cooked up for us:

PJ Lifestyle: Given the success of the events you organized with Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla dialoguing, it's no surprise you would want to expand and try new combinations of speakers. Why "Ask a Jew: An Evening With Dennis Prager And Hugh Hewitt"?

RJ: The Prager-Carolla connecting was in many regards "lightning in a bottle." In a very real sense of the cliche, I simply happened to be in the "right place at the right time" to help make that thing happen. However, what I learned from that exciting experience was this: if you have a good idea, pursue it -- because often the reason something like it hasn't happened before (or hasn't happened in the way you believe it should) merely boils down to other folks not taking a risk or putting forth the effort to bring it to life.

In the case of "Ask A Jew," both Dennis and Hugh are fairly well-known commodities but they are known primarily for their political radio shows, columns, and best-selling books. But what I want to personally hear from both men -- and many other articulate voices in the public square like them -- are their perspectives on cultural, moral, and philosophical issues that matter to all of us. This event is the kick-off of what I hope will end up being a long-running series of candid conversations among those who describe themselves "center-right" politically.

My goal is to bring the people I enjoy listening to and reading the most to new audiences. I want evangelicals to interact with Jewish and Catholic intellectuals. I want secular libertarians to hear how thoughtful and interested in limited government and free markets so many brilliant religious conservatives are. Hugh and Dennis typify the dynamic I'm talking about. They are from such different backgrounds, have different personalities, part ways on key theological points -- and yet they are best friends and share so many common values. It's so much bigger (and more important) than politics, and anyone who listens to a show like Dennis Prager's knows how serious he is about engaging all issues and areas of life.

Politics is dominating and suffocating Americans because, in my opinion, they've stopped talking (and thinking critically) about all of the infinitely more important things in life. Not every show we do will be "Ask A Jew," and we'll have other interesting combinations and pairings of well-known writers/thinkers across the country this year, but I wanted to start with Hugh and Dennis because they are two of the most candid, knowledgeable, and good-natured voices in the public square. Oh, and they are entertaining. Remember when that was important?