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The Imaginary Rabbi and the Dead End Kid: Another Evening with Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla


Most novelty duets don't last past the song's three-minute mark, and with good reason.

(Exhibit A: This "American classic" that nobody really listens to.)

It's not that the performers involved aren't talented, but bringing them together is shallow musical stunt casting. The pairing is an ill-advised mutation, a doomed chimera.

When Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla first started appearing together onstage, unimaginative types didn't "get" it.

Why would a distinguished, highly educated Jewish author go on the road with a foul-mouthed atheist comedian from the wrong side of the tracks?

To fans like me, this duet actually made good sense.

On his podcast, Carolla had repeatedly expressed his admiration for Prager, both as a fellow Los Angeles broadcaster and as a man whose values so closely jibed with his own.

Another fan, R.J. Moeller, made it his mission to bring the two men together to talk about politics, religion, and values.

Thanks to Moeller's efforts, Prager joined Carolla on the air, and it was obvious to everyone within earshot that the two men were a natural team: