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Catholic Nuns: An Idea Whose Time Has Gone?


I expect more from Rush Limbaugh.

The Maha-Rushie's grasp of American culture and history is powerful. Yet, commenting on news of a "Vatican crackdown" on a group of "dissident" U.S. Catholic sisters, Limbaugh remarked earlier this month:

Do you know what the nuns are doing? The nuns have gone feminazi on everybody. This small group of nuns in the Catholic Church is going feminist, and the Vatican is obviously — well, a figure of speech, slapping them down. And the Vatican is trying to tamp it down and say, “No, no, no, that doesn’t happen. There’s no such thing as a feminist nun.”

Where has Limbaugh been living? In a convent?!

American nuns went "feminazi on everybody" more than 40 years ago. Catholic religious orders are as riven left vs right as anywhere else in the country.

As in the media and the academy, the "left" cadre of sisters outnumbers the "right" one. The liberal nuns battling the Vatican today are (literally) the same ones who've been doing so for decades.

The latest skirmish comes after the Vatican's four-year investigation into what American "women religious" actually believe (and more importantly, tell other Catholics, through teaching, counseling, and writing):

The Vatican looked at three particular “areas of concern,” citing “problematic statements and serious theological, even doctrinal, errors” (...), policies of dissent, and a prevalence of “certain radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic Faith.”

If the notion of pro-abortion, New Age nuns sounds like heavy handed satire, then obviously you're not a Catholic.

(Neither, some would argue, are these nuns.)

As layman Mark Shea explains with characteristic brio:

The Church is reining in nuns who are no longer Catholic from oppressing nuns who are and from poisoning the faith of people subjected to their loony quackery, goddess worship, Marxist theory masquerading as orthodoxy, bizarre sexual experimentation, substitution of Rogerian psychobabble for the Tradition, and naked hostility to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Amusingly, you'd think the Vatican itself -- never mind (Protestant) Rush Limbaugh -- had just found out about outrageous nun-related goings-on that millions of current and former Catholics have complained about for years.

Take me, for instance...