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Reasons to Have Children!

I read with interest Kathy Shaidle's post here at PJ Lifestyle called "I Kid You Not: Top Four  Reasons I Don't Have Children."

She mentions a couple of reasons such as bad personal experiences whereby you might end up ruining your kid's life and bad genetics and other reasons such as your temperament and pop culture. Okay, the latter two, especially the former, I understand. You don't have the temperament for children. Okay, fair enough, but as for ruining your kid's life, why does it have to be that way? If you had a bad childhood, doesn't it make sense to have children so that you can give them a better life than you had? As for genetics, don't we all know people who don't seem that great who have kids who are fine, or at least okay? Even people who are depressed don't necessarily have kids who are depressed. And if they are? Get them treatment, just as you would for diabetes or other ailments. Apparently, comedian Sarah Silverman does not want kids because they might have mental illness which runs in her family. Human beings have problems -- do you have to be perfect to be born? I hope not because we would all be goners.

Kids can be amazing. Those of us with offspring know that though raising kids can be the most frustrating of experiences, it can also be the most rewarding. Kids can show you a side of yourself that you never knew existed. How many times did you think some habit or trait in yourself was because of your childhood, only to find out that your child had the same trait or habit even though they were raised totally differently than you? How many times has your child said something and made you see the world a different way and made you re-examine yourself in a way that is fascinating or reflective?