The 'Me' in Social Media: The ONLY Online Etiquette Rule You'll Ever Need


My social media “creds” are all over the place.

I was a very early blogging adopter, didn’t “get” Twitter for years (then got hooked), and consider Facebook a giant bore.

All that to say: I don’t think of myself as some kind of “guru,” even though part of my “real” work involves managing other people's social media accounts.

I certainly don’t have some Grand Unified Theory of online etiquette and best practices.

In fact, my one "rule" is about what you might call expectation management:

Don’t expect anything in return.

That is, whatever you say or do online, never expect or demand apologies, admiration, understanding, cooperation -- or overnight wealth, fame, or results.

And that way, as the old joke goes, you’ll never be disappointed.

Bear in mind that right after I post this article, I will go on to violate all my own online etiquette “rules." If  you google hard enough, you’ll be able to dig up all kinds of “own goals” I’ve scored.

What can I say?

I may spend most of my day hooked up to a machine, but I’m still human.