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Classic Rock and Cheap Wine: Paul is Still Alive and Now Made of Mushrooms

In the first installment of this new weekly series, I established that my first “classic rock credential” was acquired in 1964 when, at the age of eight, I watched the Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show along with the rest of the nation.

That groundbreaking musical event began my lifelong love affair with the Beatles.

As witness to this devotion, my baby-sitting money, earned at the rate of 50 cents an hour, provided the cash flow necessary to purchase Beatles' albums priced at about $3.00 each. (But do not quote me on that price. All I remember about money in those days was the Barbie Doll wedding gown I highly coveted cost $5.00 and that was way above my pay grade.)

In addition to learning my fashion sense from Barbie, the Beatles were a major cultural influence during those formative grade school years. Every new album was an event -- a 60s version of the latest iPhone release.

Unless you lived through it, it is hard to describe just how much the Beatles were integrated into all our young lives.

For example, a friend’s birthday party was celebrated at the movie theater watching Help! Singing Beatles' songs on the school bus was a daily event. And in 6th grade, my best friend and I performed our baton-twirling routine for the class talent show to the tune Day Tripper.  

As the mid- sixties progressed, I was not only a fan of Beatles' music but related to the Fab Four on a personal level because they were growing and evolving right along with me.

So now it is October, 1969 and I am 14 years old.

Having discovered the opposite sex, my girlfriends and I gathered in someone’s basement for “make-out” sessions with our boyfriends. In the center of the room there was a huge cardboard box, where you entered to engage in serious making out.

The soundtrack of that “PG rated” afternoon was Abbey Road, for the newest Beatles' album had just been released.

To listen to the entire album click below.