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How About a 'Crusade' Against the Conventional Wisdom on Childhood Obesity?

In yesterday's Daily Briefing about the dreadful media coverage of the attacks in Benghazi, Erick Erickson coined the term “conventional wisdom machine” to describe the mainstream media. The conventional wisdom machine efficiently turns out flimsy facts, sometimes with a flourish.

Vying for a spot on the list of the top 10 most ill-timed political stories, on September 12, 2012, First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, and when he posited, "The greatest threat to national security that we have is obesity," she said, "Absolutely." Yes, on the day after the eleventh anniversary of 9/11, when we awoke to learn of our Libyan ambassador's murder and embassies burning, both reminding us that we continue to face dire national security threats, the first lady appeared on television declaring body fat our #1 concern.

What threat did the first lady imagine? Obese people aren't accepted into the military. True, insufficient military personnel threatens national security, but the size of our military force means nothing if we do not send them to the right place. It was just such an egregious error that cost Ambassador Stevens his life the previous day.

In addition, the interview contained some inappropriate elements. While the administration twists itself into knots not to offend Islam, the interview is titled "First Lady Michelle Obama's Health Crusade." And for a final flourish of cluelessness, Mrs. Obama taught Dr. Oz how to "Dougie," which, according to the lyrics of the song, is a dance meant to blow off mean "niggas" and attract hook-ups with "bitches."

Any single one of those items would be cause enough for raised eyebrows. Taken together, they are dumbfounding. And they all come before the substance of the interview, an obesity epidemic. Contrary to the conventional wisdom, we don’t have one.