The 7 Most Overrated Blockbuster Movies of the Last 20 Years

As a capitalist, it's tempting to say that box-office receipts are a better judge of a movie's worth than Hollywood award ceremonies. However, that ignores the sad reality that Americans sure do love some crummy movies. We're not even talking "good crummy" either, like a fun zombie or chop socky flick; we're talking "bad crummy." Big-budget, high-powered, star-filled atrocities that bank hundreds of millions of dollars despite being average at best and mediocre at worst. Like, for example....

7) Inception

2010: Adjusted Domestic Gross -- $295,152,300

Admittedly, in a theme that you'll see repeated multiple times on this list, the movie looks great. It's really cool to watch city blocks folding over on each other like a crisp dollar bill. The problem is that's the only thing that makes the movie worth watching. Yes, it's pretty... but it's barely watchable, pretty garbage. The plot is dumb, the characters aren't likable, the movie is full of overly forced action, and the rules the filmmakers come up with for their invented world are nonsensical. It's almost like the CGI version of what's going through someone's head right after he takes bath salts, but right before he starts to eat people.

Inception explained