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Pregnant Snooki Fears She'll Be a Bad Mom

via Snooki Worries She’ll Be A Bad Mom Right Before Calling Lamaze ‘Bullsh*t’ - The Superficial - Because You're Ugly.

In a new interview with In Touch, Snooki reveals she’s worried about being a bad mom even though she’s technically been one the minute she decided to carry a child to term inside her Stromboli box. She shouldn’t be worrying as much as preparing for how horribly she’s going to ruin this kid, is my point:

"I’m nervous that I’m not going to be a good mom,” she admits to In Touch. “I just really hope I know what I’m doing!”

The reality star says being pregnant has been crazier than a night out at the Jersey Shore! “At the Shore you’re going to hook up, get into a fight or go to jail. You only have three options. But being pregnant you have no idea what’s going on!”


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