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Ron Howard Aztec Miniseries Scripted by Che Guevara Writer

via Ron Howard developing Showtime series about the Aztec Empire | TV | Newswire | The A.V. Club.

Although Ron Howard is plenty busy convincing the world that Arrested Development is filming a fourth season, he's ready to take on another TV project steeped in myth and legend. Deadline reports that Howard is preparing to direct the Showtime series Conquest, a "sweeping period drama" written by The Motorcycle Diaries' José Rivera about the clash between the Spanish conquistador Cortes and Aztec emperor Moctezuma II, who didn't exactly appreciate being conquistadored.

Given the facts that Rivera A) was strongly influenced by Castro-defender Gabriel García Márquez, B) wrote a screenplay glamorizing the Stalinist executioner Che Guevara, C) followed by writing a play on the murderer's final hours with the radical chic title School of the Americas D) this year the On the Road film coming out also bears his credit... it's safe to anticipate a series indicting Western Civilization while downplaying the human sacrifice and slavery that took place under Aztec imperial rule.

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