Nurse Ratched, My Hero: 4 Female Movie Villains I Love

Earlier this month at PJ Lifestyle, Chris Queen asked, "What drives the Disney villain fascination?" -- specifically, those female Disney villains who are popular enough to merit an all-new, rebooted merchandise line.

Clearly, moms forced to indulge their daughters' "princess" phases are eager to add an "edgy" treat for themselves to their Disney Store shopping carts.

I doubt they ponder the Miltonian "glamor of evil" implications behind their purchases, unless they hang out at the Disney forums Queen perused.

Women are supposed to be nice, nurturing, and harmless. But those types of women don't make memorable movie characters, unless they're memorable for being annoying. (Can you imagine Gone With The Wind with Melanie as the main character?)

Fortunately, I have a rather masculine personality type, and have no qualms about revealing my affection for particular female cinematic villains, even the most loathsome.

What do my favorite film femme fatales have in common?

Defensive walls constructed over the course of decades, starting in childhood -- and not built according to code, so they're starting to crumble. A horror of human frailty. Epic vanity. Hermetical self-containment.

Oh, and in one case, wicked karate skills...