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That's Not Funny: The 5 Biggest Comedy Taboos

Remember around 2009, when you were always hearing about how "important" Jon Stewart's The Daily Show was because "that's where young people were getting their news"?

Studies and polls abounded, and an avalanche of op-eds speculated on "what it all meant."

Notice how you haven't heard that meme as much lately?

That's probably because another Comedy Central show, Tosh 2.0, gets even higher ratings than The Daily Show.

And the liberal elites don't dare ponder the implications of that.

You see, comedian Daniel Tosh's eponymous program "celebrates" Black History Month with features on "crackhead tossing" and February markdowns on Kool-Aid.

And Tosh's "Web Redemption" segments dare to do something all good little grad students are taught to avoid: judge and shame miscreants and morons.

So anyone attending one of Tosh's live stand-up gigs has got to know what they're in for, right?

They have no right to complain about being "offended" by his act.

You might almost say they were asking for it...