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The Fit Desk

My husband Glenn got a FitDesk that lets you exercise while working on your laptop. We finally got around to putting it together (well, he did, sadly, I watched, handed out tools and cleaned up). Anyway, I have had a great deal of hand and back pain from all the time I spend at the computer and thought this would be a great way to change up my routine. It turns out I was correct to think so.

The pedals are smooth and fluid -- you just adjust resistance with the knob. It tracks distance, time, and calories. There are elastic bands to hold your laptop in place.

It's easy to ride and it's easy to blog or surf from a laptop while you're on it. I can see how spending just 20 or 30 minutes at a time on this several times a week would help you lose weight and improve your fitness. Will I stick with it? Stay tuned.