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Democrats Mourn ObamaCare Verdict

Last month’s stunning ObamaCare verdict, a 5-4 decision in favor of the law on the basis of a new and unprecedented taxing ability, has Democrats across the country loudly mourning the verdict and calling for Chief Justice Robert’s head. News media across the nation somberly announced the partisan verdict on to a shocked Democrat audience who just thought they were getting free health care, not a religious dictatorship. The new verdict allows the federal government to ban behavior they don’t want, or force behavior they do want, just by taxing it, since you will be jailed if you don’t pay the tax. All the federal government now has to do is make a tax on something high enough to essentially make it a crime. Democrats are crying foul because they never intended the law to be considered a tax in the first place.

There is now little doubt the Republicans will take over the presidency and Congress after the elections in November, partly due to the passage of the unpopular ObamaCare legislation, which spawned the Tea Party movement and angry town hall meetings across the country. Many congressmen have already lost their seats, and Rasmussen reports that even after SCOTUS found the law constitutional, 52% of Americans who plan to vote favor repeal versus 39% who don’t -- which will surely be reflected at the polls. While Democrats are happy to have another impractical behemoth of an entitlement with which to punish the rich and permanently shackle the middle class, they didn’t count on the consequences -- that of giving unlimited power to the government, which isn’t so great if your side is out of office.

Is It a Republican Conspiracy?