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'That's the Ultimate Race, Poor People': In Praise of Adam Carolla's Brutal Honesty

As far as I know, Loveline was never broadcast in Canada. Or maybe I just didn't stay up late enough to hear the fondly remembered sex-and-drugs (and rock & roll) advice show co-hosted by Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla.

(We had our own late-night call-in show called Sex with Sue, which, being Canadian, wasn't as exciting as it sounds because "Sue" was an earnest, erudite elderly lady who looked like the school librarian, if the school librarian had barely survived a three-alarm blaze.)

So I first heard about Adam Carolla when Dennis Miller had him on his show to talk about Carolla's first book, In Fifty Years, We'll All Be Chicks:... And Other Complaints From An Angry Middle-Aged White Guy.

Despite my advanced age and previous ignorance regarding everything "Aceman," after reading that hilarious, ingenious, politically incorrect book, I turned into what stand up comedian Marc Maron dismissively refers to as a "Carolla-tard."

(How serious an affliction is that, you ask? "Superfan Giovanni" supplies the farthest-gone with six-hour long -- that's not a typo -- bootleg compilations of old Lovelines. Some messengers on the CarollaBoards have been "getting it on" since 2003. Fans set their phones to "ring" with "It's just a waste of my time," hoping to aurally locate each other, bat-fashion, in airport lounges.)