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'When Do Cute and Sexy Young Girls Stop Looking Cute and Sexy? Death.'

Charlie Martin has the correct response to the rather prudish question asked by Dave Swindle here at PJ Lifestyle. Swindle is "revolted" by Kendall and Kylie Jenner (who are 16 and 14, respectively) posing in bathing suits and goes on to add:

But as we grow older and mature beyond the shock of puberty we’re supposed to transcend this animal nature. (See point #2 here in my review of Dennis Prager’s new book Still the Best Hope for more on the subject.)

A question for the men out there: at what moment in your life did you stop finding young women attractive? (And I don’t mean just jailbait. I mean 18-22-year-old — legal — but still looking young and girly.) When did the thought of youthful sex shift from a fantasy to a stomach-churning nightmare? When did the natural thought shift from “mmm… good time” to “I wonder what the daughter I have someday will look like at that age?” When did you stop being attracted to “sexy” girls and only interested in mature women?

Women are often at their most fertile and attractive at the ages (18-22) that Swindle is describing. Men being attracted to women of this age is called normal. Should you act on it? Maybe not, but that's not the point that Swindle is making. He doesn't even seem to think that you should be fantasizing about women who are 18-22. Why not? Why should men only be interested in "mature women," especially for a fantasy?

When will men stop finding young women attractive? As Martin states, at death and maybe not even then.

Update: Swindle responds here at PJ Lifestyle: "Boys Vs Men and Girls Vs Women. Who's Sexier?"