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For Those Who Confuse Battleship and Battleship Potemkin

Last night I installed Fandango onto my Roku. (Now there's a sentence that would have been meaningless a few years ago.) It's a an HD movie trailer channel set up by the folks who sell online movie tickets. Opening next month at a theater near you, is a new film starring Dwayne Johnson ("The Rock"), Bruce Willis, and Jonathan Pryce, the star of Terry Gilliam's Brazil and co-star of Larry Gelbart's HBO production of Barbarian at the Gates. The three team up for a gritty new high-tech action movie about the president (played by Pryce) being replaced by an evil twin, sort of The Manchurian Candidate meets Kevin Kline's Dave movie from the early 1990s.

Produced by Hasbro:

I don't begrudge any man in Hollywood his $20 million paycheck, but...dude. Incidentally, I love the bit where Johnson describes Willis's character as "The reason why we call ourselves Joes." He's the original GI Joe -- But isn't that rather obvious, given that Willis's character is 12-inches tall in the movie and all the other actors are only 3 and a half inches tall?

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