4 Crucial Techniques for Reprogramming Yourself into A Better Person

Every day of your life, you're bombarded with attempts to influence your behavior. You pick up the paper and it tries to convince you to take a political position. You turn on the TV, watch a sitcom, and recognize that there's a moral message shoved into it. While you're watching the sitcom, commercials play. Do those ads stick in your brain?

Let's find out.

Which company has the slogan, "Just do it"? Which candy "melts in your mouth, but not in your hand"? Here's a golden oldie: Which fast food chain introduced the phrase "Where's the beef?"

Because the changes wrought by these messages tend to be subtle, most people erroneously believe they're unaffected. Of course, they're very wrong. It costs $3.5 million to run a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl. You think those companies pay out dumptrucks of cash for those spots without believing they're getting their money's worth? So, here's a question: Since you're being programmed by outside sources on a day in, day out basis, why not run some of your own programming that's designed to make your life better? There are a number of ways to do it.