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The Pixar Canon: 4 Misses And 8 Hits

This June 22, Pixar will release Brave, the studio's 13th animated feature. Brave tells the story of Merida, a Scottish princess who rebels against her royal parents with dire consequences. Even though it may be a bit darker than a typical Pixar production, Brave looks to have the stunning visuals and memorable characterizations that make Pixar films so great.

Over the last 26 years Pixar has transformed animation. Partnering with Disney the studio innovated the medium in a way unseen since the days of Walt Disney himself. Many people still thought of computer animation as some sort of sci-fi pipe dream in 1986, but thanks to Pixar, the medium has become the industry standard -- and the company's films now dominate both the box office and critics' yearly top 10 lists.

Pixar's dozen productions have met with varying degrees of critical and box office success. I'd say there's no such thing as a bad Pixar film, but some movies have raised the bar exponentially while others have fallen a bit short of the high standards the studio has set. I've compiled a list of the twelve movies ranked from the least to the greatest. Here we go...