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Furry Friday: The Puppacita

As readers have witnessed my profiles of an assemblage of small critters -- furry, feathered, and finny -- some may have wondered, "Doesn't she have a dog?"

Why, yes. Those of you who follow me on Twitter know her better as The Puppacita. And as I'm celebrating this chihuahua's birthday tomorrow -- fittingly -- this is Chi-Chi's Furry Friday.

As any dog owner/lover would say about his or her pooch, there is no dog like my baby. She came into my life nearly a year ago -- our adoption anniversary is May 15. I found her at a local pound. The owner had left her there with a name, calling her Kiwi, an age (6 or 7), but suddenly claimed not to speak English when asked why he was giving her up. Later revelations would indicate that she was being used for some sort of backyard breeding, and given up when her time in that area was up.