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Brother, Can You Spare Five Minutes?

Hoping to take advantage of what remained of my lunch hour on an unusually warm mid-October day, I made my way to the local park, where I planned to do a little reading. I located an empty bench in a very nice spot, sat down, and opened my book. Almost immediately, a well-dressed businessman sitting directly across from me (whom I'd mistakenly assumed was napping) began to engage me in conversation.

"Nice day," he exclaimed.

"Yes," I replied, "wonderful."

"Doing a little reading?" he queried. Before I could reply, he continued: "I wish I could read more, but I just don't have the time."

By now, I instinctively knew that further attempts at reading would be pointless, and I was right. For the next 20 minutes this well dressed stranger, who was unable to find any time to read for himself, had somehow managed to find plenty of time to keep me from reading.