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Interview: Terry Teachout on Armstrong, Mencken, and Middlebrow

If Terry Teachout, the drama critic for the Wall Street Journal who also blogs at About Last Night, sounds particularly refreshed in our latest podcast, it isn't because he stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. Shortly before our interview, he and his wife had recently spent two nights at Frank Lloyd Wright's landmark Seth Peterson Cottage, one of the last residences that Wright designed, in Lake Delton, Wisconsin.

Beyond that experience, Terry and I discuss:

11 minutes long; click here to listen:

If your browser is unhappy with our MP3 player, a YouTube version is also available:

And to download straight to your PC, right click here for the 10.5 MP3 file, or right click here to download the 3.29 MP3 lo-fi version.

For our previous podcasts at the Lifestyle blog, click here.