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I Am Officially Impressed

Last week, I needed to buy a new Mac Mini; I zipped down to the local Apple Store.  In general, the Apple Store sales people are almost too helpful -- they would be, except they're all so cute.  It's like a whole store full of geek puppies.

This time was unusual -- there were no greeters at the front door, and I finally had to buttonhole someone just to get on the waiting list to talk to a sales person.  After probably a 20 minute wait, I finally saw someone, bought my Mac Mini (which is a great little computer, by the way) and was gone.  The next day, I got an email from Apple asking for my feedback.

I told them my story, which as a tale of retail woe is really not that big a deal.

I just got off the phone with "Franklin", the store manager.  He was very apologetic, and as a final gesture he offered me a discount on my next visit.

Compare that to IKEA, which did finally respond to the "Dante's IKEA" article -- with an email saying "Gee, that's a shame."