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Tom Cruise the Manly Romantic

Manolo says, this month's issue of the In Style magazine features the lengthy interview with the actress Katie Holmes, wife of Scientology's junior messiah, Tom Cruise.

The interview could best be described as the "puff piece," although it was not without its amusing bits. For the example, this excerpt caught the eye of the Manolo:

When you’re married to one of the world’s biggest movie stars, whom Holmes calls a “manly romantic,” life is bound to be exciting but also challenging when it comes to balancing careers and family.

And what, perchance, constitutes the manly romanticness?

Well, the Manolo, who has been the long-time observer of the Cruise-Holmes relationship has the idea, in fact, he calls it "The Death Grip of Super Masculinity"!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes, The Deth Grip of Super MasculinityTom Cruise & Katie Holmes, The Deth Grip of Super MasculinityTom Cruises Pimp Hand is StrongTom Cruises Manhandling Katie HolmesTom Cruise & Katie Holmes, The Deth Grip of Super Masculinity

Ayyy! It is like he is trying to choke the Xenu right out of her!