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Change the Culture, Change the Politics

I am excited to be posting on the new PJ Lifestyle blog. As a psychologist, I really feel that culture drives politics and that if you can change the culture, you can change politics. Right now, it feels to me that our culture is driven by left-leaning memes in relationships, gender issues, academics, and even food. For example, why is it that when I go to get some snacks at Whole Foods, I am bombarded with Obama stickers, articles on global warming, and old hippies who have little tolerance for libertarians or conservatives? As my former graduate school dean said when an organization tried to start imposing rules on her program, "who died and made them God?"

Lifestyle blogs often have a PC bent; it will be refreshing to have one for the rest of us. To you readers out there, what lifestyle issues are of interest to you? Food, relationships, marriage, exercise and fitness? Let me know in the comments so I can address them in further posts.