Robotic Jellyfish Might Be the 'Guardians of the Ocean'


When you think of what might save the world from the damages of climate change and pollution, do you ever consider that jellyfish might play a role? How about robot jellyfish? No? Well, now it seems that this might be the wave of the future.


Scientists have developed robotic jellyfish made of silicon and printed on 3-D printers. Because they can move and maneuver very easily, it is believed that they can get into narrow, difficult to access areas of the ocean, such as coral reefs. Previously, when scientists wanted to learn more about the state of a reef, their only methods of discovering what was happening were pretty intrusive. But with their ability to monitor coral, these robotic jellyfish might be, as they say, “guardians of the ocean.”

Of course, we need to be sure that the robots don’t get too self-centered, thanks to their status:

And it can be frightening to think of what might be next:


But some people online have pointed out that such a move might end up causing more damage to our already fragile marine life. As it is, whales, sharks, and other fish consume endless amounts of plastic and pollution in the sea. Aren’t they likely to just enjoy these silicon robots as a meal?

What do you think? Awesome invention, or more trouble than it’s worth?



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