Online Ad for Adult Onesie Goes Completely Off the Rails

Online shopping can be extremely convenient and often gives us the chance to find styles and brands that we otherwise can’t find nearby in brick and mortar stores. It can be challenging when you’re not able to try something on, but most online retailers have decent return or exchange policies that make the process easy enough.


However, there are certain things that you find online that are so absurd or disastrous that it doesn’t even matter that there’s no dressing room involved in the purchase process. Some clothes that show up in your Facebook or Instagram feed deserve nothing more than a “share” with friends because they’re so bad.

Cassie’s Corner is an online retailer with a modest Facebook following. It fancies itself a store with “a unique style of elegance,” according to its Facebook page. That elegant style was called into question, though, with a recent product offering by the good people at Cassie’s. We’ll let the marketing photos speak for themselves:

Unsurprisingly, the Internet did not let this one go. With 13k comments, people had a field day.

Janice wasn’t quite sure what this was supposed to be, especially since it looks like anything but an outfit:


And Elizabeth just had no clue what to do with her pink Gumbee legs… luckily Pam had an answer:

And El Sloan knew exactly what type of person would purchase this:

Or maybe the outfit is for women who prefer to highlight certain features of their bodies:

We challenge you to caption this photo in the comments. Show us what you’ve got!



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