Report: Kim Jong-un Packed His Own Toilet for Meeting with Trump

(Getty Images)

Kim Jong-un made his way to Singapore this week for the summit to meet President Trump. While most have been focusing on the upcoming meeting and its ramifications for nuclear weapons and the United States’ future relations with North Korea, the leader of the often-secretive country has been focused on his own security—and that of his bowels.


Kim not only deployed several decoy planes as he left his homeland in order to thwart potential attacks, but he packed some items in his luggage that most might not take on a trip abroad.

According to USA Today, the North Korean leader brought his own food (to avoid being poisoned while away), and he “is also apparently taking defensive measures to prevent intelligence agencies from trying to glean information about his health: He’s packed his own toilet.”

Fearing nosy sewer divers intent on learning more about his health, Kim will be relieving himself in his own personal toilet while in town for his meetings with the president. This is not the first time the lavatory and privacy have been on his mind. For his recent trip to South Korea to meet with President Moon Jae-in, Kim brought his own toilet as well as his own writing utensils. It was even reported that his staff wiped down anything he touched in order to clean his fingerprints from everything.

Packing light was clearly not a priority.


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