Move Over Laurel and Yanny: Meet 'Brainstorm' and 'Green Needle'

(Image via Twitter)

After the big Laurel/Yanny debate earlier this week, our collective minds were blown by how two people sitting next to each other could listen to one sound and hear two completely different things.


Well, that’s where we find ourselves again, folks. A recent tweet by @LiquidHBox included a short video. Amazingly, when you think of the word “brainstorm” while listening to the corresponding audio, you hear “brainstorm,” and when you think of the words “green needle” while listening, you hear “green needle.” WHAT?! Make sure your audio is on for this.

When I watched, I thought that maybe it was a nebulous recording and that I would hear just any word I was thinking of. Nope. Not the case.

Of course, the internet went nuts again:


Some people tried hearing a combination of the words. This did not work for me, though.

Are we losing our minds?

Something called the McGurk effect might explain this whole “brainstorm” vs “green needle” phenomenon to an extent:

But the effect refers more to seeing a word formed while listening to it being said. (In this case, what we see overrides what we hear.) But in the case of the audio clip above, we’re not looking at anyone saying these words. We’re just thinking them. And that is completely bonkers.


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