Watch Penguins Get Transfixed by a Yo-Yo


Penguins are pretty darn cute—there’s no way around it. Look at how successful March of the Penguins was. It was an hour and a half-long documentary about penguins walking and it was riveting. (Yes, Morgan Freeman’s voice didn’t hurt either…) And then there was Happy Feet (and its sequels) that made you just want to give that little guy a big snuggle.


If you haven’t hung out with a penguin up close and personal recently, then you might get some much-needed joy from a video that was just posted to Twitter. It seems that penguins are completely awe-struck by yo-yos. Yes. They love to watch a good Around the World, just like the rest of us. They love it so much that in the video, they followed the yo-yo master around like sheep, and their heads went round and round (in unison!) as they watched the magic before them.

And like any good video, this one got all the love from Twitter.

The Pied Piper would have probably enjoyed penguins over rats…

Sad, but true:


If this hasn’t already been done, someone is probably working on it now in Photoshop:

No doubt:

Well, they are pretty awesome:


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