Amazon Echo's Alexa Throws Shade at the Patriots


When it comes to the Super Bowl, most people aren’t wishy-washy. They have a team that they’re rooting for, and that’s the end of it. This is apparently the case for Alexa, the virtual assistant behind the Amazon Echo, as well.


It seems that people have been asking their virtual assistants about who might win the big game on Sunday. (Hey, it can’t hurt to get a little more info before placing those bets, right?) While Apple’s Siri just spouts out statistics and the odds (which are obviously in favor of the New England Patriots), and Google’s assistant just says “I’m still deciding who to root for,” according to the HuffPost, Alexa goes all in for the Philadelphia Eagles. That’s right — she roots for the longshot.

Alexa’s response to the question is pretty fiery, especially for a computer:

The team favorite to win is the, cough, the, cough, excuse me, is the Patriots. That was tough to get out. But I’m flying with the Eagles on this one because of their relentless defense and the momentum they’ve been riding on their underdog status. E-A-G-L-E-S ― EAGLES!

An Amazon rep confirmed to HuffPost that Alexa not only roots for the underdog, but that she had a “friendly rivalry” with the Patriots last year. Clearly that hasn’t changed much since.

Someone should get Alexa’s feelings on the game after every play. How does she react to missed field goals?

You can hear Alexa’s rant about the Eagles in the video below!



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