Netflix Hilariously Trolls Its Viewers in a Tweet

(Image via Twitter/Netflix)

When companies have a sense of humor on social media, the Internet loves it. And why not? It is nice to know that corporations can interact with us on a human level rather than through automated customer service robots. Not long ago we shared the tweets of some companies that notoriously troll people online. Just this week Netflix stepped up to the plate, and it was hilarious.


In case you live in a stream-less bubble, A Christmas Prince is one of this year’s craptastic holiday movies, meant to warm the hearts of everyone in the weeks leading up to Christmas. If you watch it, you can’t help but get sucked in — and simultaneously wonder why on Earth you’re spending your evening glued to it.

Netflix’s tweet was meant in good humor, but of course some people took it the wrong way:

But countless people played along:

Due to some backlash, Netflix issued a statement:

“This information represents overall viewing trends, not the personal viewing information of specific, identified individuals,” said a representative.


It should come as no surprise that the company is analyzing its own data. Now that digital television is the norm, one should assume that Hulu, Amazon, and every other streaming platform is doing the exact same thing. The only difference here is that Netflix had a little fun on social media with it. And luckily, some people shared its sense of humor.




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