When You Wear Tight Pants to the Gym Too Soon After Self-Tanning

(Image via Twitter/@evemallonxx)

At a time when seemingly every news alert ringing through on our phones is anxiety-inducing and terrible, it is nice to know that we have Twitter to turn to for a good laugh when we need it. A woman from Falkirk, Scotland, posted a couple of pictures to her account of an unfortunate clothing mishap β€” and the Internet loved it.


Eve (@evemallonxx) recently used tanner on her legs. We know this because she went to the gym too soon afterward wearing tight Adidas pants. The result is that she is now a walking advertisement for the company. The sportswear manufacturer’s logo rubbed away part of the tanner on her leg, so that now the word “Adidas” and a couple of its signature stripes are semi-permanently “printed” on her leg.

Perhaps the best part of Eve’s incident is the response she got from Adidas:

And Eve had to try her best to capitalize on her misfortune:

Other folks on Twitter chimed in as well β€” some with predictions about where this trend could lead:


Another Twitter user perhaps caught on to Adidas’s ingenious marketing plan:

But the moral of the story? Wear loose clothes after self-tanning! Otherwise, you’ll end up just like poor branded Eve.



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