Jimmy Kimmel's Father's Day Challenge Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

YouTube - Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel has done it again. The talk show host had a little fun with dads this past Father’s Day. Or rather, their kids did.

“Every year, we issue a Father’s Day YouTube challenge. In years past, we’ve asked you to spray dad with a hose on Father’s Day, to serve him breakfast in the shower, to dump breakfast on him in bed—we’ve had a lot of very bad ideas,” he said. “But this year the challenge was simple. Sneak up on your father and yell ‘I love you, dad’ as loud as you can.”

“I was starting to think this might not work, but I was very, very wrong,”


The video montage of the best submissions is not to be missed. Some people who sent in videos had the chutzpah to actually storm in on their fathers using the toilet. Others just jumped out from a hiding place. And yes, more than one dad actually fell into a pool. Some reactions are cringe-worthy and others will actually make you laugh out loud. For many of the submissions, you have to wonder if the dads even appreciate Jimmy’s brand of “love” for their special day. Watch the video and decide for yourself!



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