We've Been Waiting Our Whole Lives for This Snoop Dogg Snake Documentary

YouTube- Plizzanet Earth

The nature video to top all nature videos is here. You might have seen it on Planet Earth II, but we guarantee you’ve never seen this version before. I’m talking about the Iguana vs. Snakes. All the snakes.


Jimmy Kimmel Live recently added a little more drama to the already sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat-and-yell-at-the-TV clip by having none other than animal enthusiast Snoop Dogg narrate it. And it couldn’t be more perfect. Snoop keeps it real as he takes us through the special All Reptile edition of Plizzanet Earth.

“Oh, there we go. Little cute little lizard. What the hell is goin’ on? He’s being watched! Snakes are straight a$$holes, you can tell by the way they’re looking at him.”

And it only gets better from there.


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