Neil Patrick Harris Wants You to Get a Real Christmas Tree

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People roaming around New York City’s South Street Seaport last week were surprised to find something in addition to the shops, river, and scenic view. Many stumbled upon an outdoor living room decorated for the holidays. In it were, of course, a talking Christmas tree and nutcracker. If people stuck around long enough, they learned that the voice of the tree belonged to the actor, Neil Patrick Harris. NPH made a few people very happy by giving out free tickets to Broadway shows, but that’s not the primary reason he was there.


The pop-up at the Seaport was organized for the Christmas Tree Promotion Board’s “It’s Christmas. Keep It Real” campaign to bring awareness to the benefits of having a real Christmas tree every year.

Mashable reports:

“They reached out to me, and I liked the initiative. I was under the assumption that having a real tree was somehow harmful to the environment, and yet the opposite is true…For trees in America, for every one that is cut down, farmers plant three more,” Harris told Mashable at the event.

“And with the plastic artificial trees that are dumped in landfills, they’re in there for a thousand years. So I didn’t really think of it in that way. And I love it. I love the real tree idea. I love the holidays,” he said with a smile.

So, if you haven’t yet put up your Christmas tree this year, consider “keeping it real.” It will help the environment, but let’s not forget how wonderful it will make your house smell! As NPH said, “With kids now, we’re real big fans of cookies and fires and smells, and nothing says that more than a real tree, right?”


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