Here's What a $21,000 Ticket Gets You on an Emirates Flight From Dubai to NYC

Filmmaker Casey Neistat had some fun recently. He was traveling to New York from Dubai on an Emirates flight, and he was upgraded to first class for no additional charge. He documented his luxurious accommodations from 30,000 feet for the 14-hour flight, and they were pretty spectacular. His seat would have otherwise cost him a whopping $21,600 and change.


Some of the perks that Neistat documents in his video (below) include his own doors, resulting in total privacy. As someone who doesn’t ever splurge on travel arrangements, I hardly even get my own armrest, never mind doors. But I digress. Other benefits of a $21,000 ticket are a writing kit, a built-in vanity, a giant touch-screen television, as well as a personal, motorized mini bar. Want some caviar? No problem. Meals at any time during the flight? You got it. And we can’t forget about the cozy bed for when it’s time to relax, or the shower when you want to feel refreshed after your nap.

While you can read about what such a luxurious flight entails, nothing compares to seeing it for yourself. Check out Neistat’s video. You have to see it to believe it!



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