Are You a Filthy Commie or a True American? Take the Quiz!

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It's been quite some time since we asked ourselves the important questions we need to review every now and then to keep us all honestly, devoutly pro-America. After all, our nation is at a crossroads, which some of America's most perspicacious political minds believe is more important to the life of our Republic than WWII.


Do we not see a dentist for yearly check-ups? Ok, that's a bad comparison. But I do check my fluids every now and then, and once a year, I inspect my car's as well (ZING!) It's important to make sure alles klar, der kommissar.

So it's time to ask again: are we not men and women who still value freedom of choice, liberty, and justice for all? Are we still patriots, or have we followed the lead of our man-bunned, Crocs-wearing, henhussy-in-law neicephew and gone all mondo-commo? 

Have we weakly thrown our values into the recycle bin so that liberals will like us and invite us to their gender-conceal party after a lib-chick's "clump of cells" dodges seven abortion attempts and is scheduled to be born just in time for baby's first Christmas drag show? 

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Everything is at stake, and we need to know: are you a patriot or a poltroon? Take the quiz!

1. Did you...

A) Trumpers "Nazis" in 2020 when Antifa sally-bois were burning America's big blue cities to the ground

B) ...remain quiet while white supremacists, HamaNazis, and Hitler Youth began beating the potato salad out of Jewish students at the nation's most expensive universities propaganda camps?


Two-part question: give yourself one point for A and one for B or zero points if you did neither.

2. Do you believe it is every man's right to have an abortion?

Two points if you answered "Yes" or zero points if you are smart enough to know men can't have abortions and that this was a trick question to see who is "woke."

3. Would you buy your son a Trans G.I. Joe (penis sold separately)?

One point if you answered "Yes" and another if you would buy the "accessory."

4.  Which of the following will make the weather better in 30 years:

A) Increased taxes

B) Slaughtering cows to reduce planet-collapsing bovine flatulence

C) Starting each day by sucking down a cricket smoothie instead of bacon and eggs

Give yourself one point for each separate, prairie-fairy part of this question for a total of 3.

5. How many times have you taken your child/grandchild to see a needy man in a dress shake his shaved bahookie in the face of youngsters?

Give yourself one point per child, per drag show, meaning that if you took four kids to three drag shows, you get 12 points!

6. Do you believe pedophiles should be added to... 

A) ...the LGBTHAHA alphabet


B) ...a bonfire

Give yourself one point if you picked B.

7. Answer this question: "If we sent a 'social mediator' to an active, violent crime scene instead of the cops, the result would be...

A) ...a successful de-escalation where no one gets hurt 

B) less social mediator

Give yourself one point if you picked "A."

8. Do you agree with MAGA comedian Terry McNeely when he says, "There are two genders and 47 types of gay"?

One point if you disagree, another if he hurt your feelings, and a third point if you think he should be canceled.

FACT-O-RAMA! Terry McNeely is America's leading MAGA comedian. He has had shows canceled because Antifa mollycoddles have threatened to show up and blubber. Please follow him on Instagram HERE and support his live shows. He's one of my closest friends and he is hilarious! Also, please leave him a message telling him "KDJ says "Here's your dollar back." It's an inside joke and he'll love it, especially if he gets a ton of them!

How'd you do?

If you scored more than one point or more, you are a pinko, and I suggest you crack open a Bud Light and click HERE to be with your own kind.

If you scored ONE point (pedo/bonfire), then YOU are a true American patriot! Let's BBQ some ribeyes and enjoy a few bourbons!


Yesterday's insane verdict against Trump is finally waking up the "normies" to the bolshie-ite taking place in the supposed "land of the free." There is no "sitting this election out." It's no longer possible to not pick a side. You're either a patriot or a coward.

Roll up your sleeves, get into the fight, and help save the nation from the pinko prags looking to purloin our sirloins, crush our system with violent illegals, ginsu out kids' genitals, and, frankly, enslave us.

We are offering a 60% discount if you become a PJ Media VIP today. It will cost you roughly $3 per month. This will help keep PJ Media in business as the Stalinites try to bankrupt us into silence. Click HERE, use the promo word WITCHHUNT, and make a difference.

Please remain alert and peaceful.

This is NOT a drill.


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