Will the Trump Jury See the Bronx Love and Learn That They Won't Be Keelhauled for Acquitting?

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Step aside, Aaron Judge; you're not the only one hitting grand slams in the South Bronx. Democrats pooped their socks as they watched Donald Trump knock it out of the park Thursday night in the Boogiedown, always seen as political quicksand for Republicans.


Kathy Hochul bestooged herself spectacularly when she claimed that kids in the Bronx don't know what a computer is; then she doubled and even tripled down on her racist insult.

Never one to dodge a chance to kick her clown car into high gear, Comrade Kathy responded to Trump's wildly successful South Bronx hui by attacking Trump for his "fake" rallies and insulting the tens of thousands of people, many of them black and brown — read Democrat — Bronxites who came out to cheer for Trump.

Throwing a Trump bash in the Bronx was more than just a smack in the reptilian face of AOC who represents a piece of New York City's northernmost borough, it sent an ice-pick headache to the coprolite-Americans at the top of the Democrat Party heap, like Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden. To quote Yosemite Sam, "The Yankees are in Chattanoogie."


FACT-O-RAMA! New York City is made up of five boroughs. The Bronx is the only borough that isn't on an island. The South Bronx is a notoriously tough, deep blue neighborhood and the perfect place for Trump to hold a rally.

But the true brilliance of Trump's rally is that it comes just before a jury of Manhattanites will decide if Trump is guilty of a crime that hasn't really been identified.

As I wrote earlier, the pressure on the jury to convict Trump must be crushing. Their careers, if not their lives, could be on the hook in a city that pats itself on the back when it comes to "tolerance." As a former New York City liberal, I'd like to point out what they are likely thinking.

You see, most liberal white NYC denizens are transplants from elsewhere. They find themselves to be superior to Republicans but, having grown up in safe, lily-white suburbs like Morton Grove, Ill., or Deephaven, Minn., they desperately need cool people to tell them that they are cool, especially if they are on the same political team. That's where the black and brown crowd fits their neediness.

FACT-O-RAMA! The Bronx got its unusual name this way. For years it was owned by the Bronck family. It was referred to as "the Bronck's territory." It was later shortened to "The Bronck's." No one seem to know when it was "Americanized" to its current moniker "The Bronx."


As sure as the sun will rise, NYC's liberals were hoping the black and brown folks of the Bronx, whom the Democrackers continually bombard with a meteor shower of micro and macro racist aggressions, would rise up and blow Trump a Bronx cheer. But that didn't happen. Much to the terror of the white libs of NYC, the Bronx went wild for Orange Man Bad.

Another important note: there was no racial violence among the socioeconomically diverse crowd. Trump wasn't booed, and MAGA-capped peckerwoods from the suburbs were safer than NYPD cops in Times Square.

Two things are now surging through the panicked minds of the Big Apple's white blight. Some are thinking that the Bronxites who welcomed Trump are hapless victims of Trump's sorcery. Too stupid (but that's the doing of the white man: see Hochul's computer reference to kids in the Bronx again) to see that Trump is a racist who wants to enslave them and "put y'all back in chains."

Trump just conquered the Bronx. How are things going with Biden? Read this:

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Others are likely wondering if the cool black and brown people have just made it OK to not dump on Trump everywhere all the time. That's where the jury comes in.


Trump's chances at an acquittal, or at least his shot at a hung jury, just jumped by leaps and bounds. The cool kids just embraced the Mandarin Monster in a way the libtools can't imagine.

I believe at least one or two of the jurists are thinking, "Maybe I can acquit and not have my life gutted."

Whether the Trump jury will be swayed is yet to be seen. What we know for sure is that Trump went into the South Bronx, where white liberals would never dare to go and Republicans have always written off, and kicked the Democrats in squarely in their non-binary crotch.


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