Smoking Gun? Oversight Committee Finds a Check to Joe Biden for $200K

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I hope *President Joe Biden is wearing his Depends. The Oversight Committee released a statement detailing some juicy facts that don’t look good for Joe “I never discussed business with my son or brother” Biden.


“This summer, Joe Biden said, ‘Where’s the money?‘ Well, we found some,” a smiling House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) stated in a video released Friday.

On March 1, 2018, Joe Biden, who owns multiple homes despite having a “career” in politics, received a check from his brother Jim for $200,000. The words “loan repayment” were written into the memo on the check.

Earlier that same day, Jim Biden received a wire transfer to his personal bank account, not his business account, for $200,000 from a company called Americore. The money was sent into the same account Jim Biden used to write his check to his brother.

Americore was a failing healthcare company that somehow found $600,000 to “loan” Jim Biden. Bankruptcy records show that Jim Biden received $400,000 into his personal bank account from Americore on January 12, 2018. The other $200,000 showed up later, followed by another $10,000 after that.

Why would a failing company “loan” $600K to a member of the Biden family? According to the bankruptcy records, it was “based upon representations that his last name, ‘Biden,’ could ‘open doors’ and that he could obtain a large investment from the Middle East, based on his political connections.”


FACT-O-RAMA! Those “political connections” may be his brother, Gropey Joe Biden.

Jim Biden was given business cards to help him secure some of that Middle Eastern cheddar he promised to deliver. He ultimately failed. Americore declared bankruptcy, and Jim Biden never paid back the $600,000 “loan” even as the company was struggling financially. He would eventually agree in September 2022 to pay back $350,000 to Americore’s creditors.


  • Jim Biden received a $600,000 “loan” from Americore after promising to deliver some financial investments to the struggling company. These funds were to come from the Middle East.
  • Americore bankruptcy trustees stated that Jim Biden was given the “loan” because they believed he could secure an investment because of his “political connections.”
  • Jim Biden flopped and delivered nothing more than a deal that would eventually further cripple Americore.
  • Americore wired $200,000 to Jim Biden’s personal checking account on March 1, 2018. That same day, Jim Biden wrote a personal check to his brother Joe Biden for $200,000.
  • Jim Biden didn’t pay back the $600,000 “loan” even as Americore was struggling financially and would eventually shutter. Four years later, he agreed to pay $350,000 back to Americore’s creditors.

While some will believe this further incriminates Joe Biden in the ever-growing web of texts, wire transfers, sworn testimony of former business partners, and various other forms of evidence, you can bet Biden’s plug-uglies in the Pravda press will certainly screech, “This proves NOTHING.”

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But wait, there’s more.


“The bank records don’t end here. There’s more to come,” Comer reveals at the end of the video.

This $200,000 check from Jim to Joe Biden looks bad. Prepare yourself for some left-leaning “shock” story about President Trump, manufactured to steer your attention away from the Biden crime family/spy ring.


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