The Nation Is Cranky: 47% of Americans Would Consider a Third-Party Candidate in 2024

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A recent Quinnipiac University poll reveals that a statistically substantial number of Americans may have had it with our two-party system, with a whopping 47% stating they’d consider casting their vote for a third-party candidate. Another 47% claim they will only vote for either a Democrat or a Republican. Another 6% claimed they didn’t know if they’d consider a third-party vote.


Independents lead the charge by a margin of 64% to 30% claiming they would consider voting for a candidate not aligned with either of the two main political parties.

“With neither President Biden nor former President Trump knocking it out of the park on favorability, almost half of the country would consider another option,” Quinnipiac pollster Tim Malloy reported. “No specific name for the candidate, no specific designation for the party, but it is a vivid indication that for many voters, the status quo is a no-go.”

However, Democrats, by 61% to 35%, and Republicans, by 57% to 38%, claimed they would not vote for a third-party candidate.

Progressive activist Professor Cornel West has already launched his third-party candidacy with the Green Party. The politically centrist No Labels Party has kinda, sorta hinted they may have West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin as their candidate.

Will the Green Party and the No Labels Party have an impact on the 2024 election?

Perhaps. If West can steal enough of the black vote from the Democrats, the Republicans might reap the reward, provided Manchin fails to win his home state of West Virginia and its five electoral votes.

FACT-O-RAMA! Some pundits believe Green Party candidate Jill Stein swiped enough votes from Hillary to hand the White House to President Trump in his historic 2016 victory.


Other Polling

Roughly 55% of Americans believe “climate change” will have a significant effect on them in their lives.

SCAM-O-RAMA! Here is 50 years’ worth of eco-doom applesauce that never came true.

As far as known Republican candidates in the 2024 race, Trump is walloping the entire field with 54% of right-leaning voters. DeSantis follows up with a dismal 25%, while Nikki Haley and the troubled Mike Pence each snagged 4%. Tim Scott and Chris Christie each managed to get 3% of the votes.

Vivek Ramaswamy, who Trump claimed would have a place in his cabinet, scored 2%. The other also-rans — I’m looking at you, Asa Hutchinson — have less than 1%.

Shockingly, the embattled Joe Biden leads the “embattled” President Trump by a margin of 49% – 44% in a potential rematch of the 2020 election, according to Quinnipiac.

Seventy-one percent of Democrats polled said they would vote for Biden, while the headline-grabbing Robert Kennedy, Jr. has 14% of the vote.

RFK, Jr., who has been rumored to be setting the stage for a third-party candidacy, may be a thorn in the sides of both Biden and Trump. His name alone may beguile senior Democrat voters who fondly remember the Kennedy Camelot years. His anti-vaccine stance appeals to Trump’s die-hard MAGA crowd.


The lefty Pravda press loons are circling the wagons to keep Kennedy on the outs. Rolling Stone recently tried to link Kennedy to Marjorie Taylor-Greene and Long Island Rep. George Santos. NPR labeled him a “conspiracy theorist,” which is kryptonite in the world of the libtards.

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And while Democrats recently voted to censor RFK, Jr. — ironically at a hearing on censorship — Trump referred to him as a “very smart person.” That sparked rumors of a Trump-Kennedy ticket in 2024 — a rumor Kennedy was quick to deny.


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