But This Never Happens: Biological Male Identifying as Trans Arrested for Molesting Daycare Infant

Maria A. Childres, McCracken County Jail

A now-unemployed Kentucky transgender daycare worker who calls himself Maria Childers, 25, was arrested for molesting an infant and making inappropriate comments as he changed the child’s diaper. It is not immediately clear what those “inappropriate comments” were.


The alleged crime took place last November, but Childers wasn’t arrested until Feb. 2023.

Paducah police paid a visit to the Explore Learning Academy daycare center after it received an anonymous tip alleging Childers’ revolting actions. Officers met with another employer, who corroborated the gruesome details of the accusations against Childers.

FACT-O-RAMA! The daycare’s director told police that Childers was “written up” upon hearing of the allegations.

Police interviewed Childers at the Paducah Police station, where he initially denied even changing the child’s diaper, much less molesting the infant and making “inappropriate statements.” But he changed his tune when cops read a text Childers sent to the facility’s director admitting that he did, in fact, change the toddler’s diaper.

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Childers was arrested and charged with first-degree sexual abuse of a victim under the age of 12, held on a $100,000 bond, and remanded to the McCracken County hoosegow, where he is currently staying for the foreseeable future.

Though trans people — with the help of far-left opportunists — try to paint themselves as victims, the truth is that trans people seem to be some of the most privileged “victims” in the nation.

A man named James Tubbs violently molested a young girl in a Denny’s restroom when he was a mere two weeks from his eighteenth birthday. When he pleaded guilty to the attack at age 26, he identified as a woman — but not until after he was taken into custody. Los Angeles’ thug-hugging, Soros-backed commie pinko district attorney decided that Tubbs would spend two years in a juvenile detention center since he was 17 when he attacked his 14-year-old victim.


The Supreme Court understandably ruled in 2020 that people can’t be fired for being transgender. Christians, however, have been fired from their jobs for refusing to play make-believe and use pronouns trans people prefer, despite a psychiatrist from Johns Hopkins University stating that transgenderism — also known as gender dysphoria — is a mental illness and that a sex change is “biologically impossible.”

Ben Shapiro famously stated that while a man is allowed to pretend he is a woman, a man can’t force others to pretend he is a woman. You can see the video below.

SCIENCE-O-RAMA! McCracken County jail documents list Childers’ gender as “male.”

Mr. Childers will face a judge for arraignment on March 23.


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