Happy Endings! The Defensive Shootings of 2023 No One Is Talking About

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Lefty gat-snatchers screech about “gun violence” when a shooting helps their narrative but go radio-silent when guns are used to protect the property — and lives — of innocent Americans.


FACT-O-RAMA! Depending on where you live, you might go to prison for using a gun to protect your property. Thug-hugging Democrat politicians are making it impossible to protect your property — such as your home — with a gun. Ask Patricia and Mark McCloskey, the Missouri couple who faced down a throng of BLM “protestors” illegally entering their gated neighborhood, had their guns seized, and were charged. They pled guity to fourth-degree assault and second-degree harrassment — both misdemeanors. The governor of Missouri — a Republican — later pardoned them. A judge refused to give them their weapons back despite the pardon.

You haven’t heard much about the 33 mass shootings thus far this year, such as the shooting that left ten people injured during the production of a rap video, because they don’t fit the bolshie narrative of a “white supremacist” blazing up a black church.

Another naughty gun-related secret the left doesn’t want you to know is that 66 Americans used their firearms to defend themselves so far in January.


Some of the “happy endings” of the Second Amendment the mainstream media “forgot” to mention:

  • In LaGrange, Ga., a man broke into a home, shot one occupant, and continued shooting at others. He was then perforated several times by returning gunfire from another occupant. He survived and was arrested on a pile of charges, including attempted murder.
  • Two men in Memphis, Tenn., left a restaurant and found four thieves in ski masks trying to steal their car. The thieves quickly shot one of the two men — who then fired back — and hit one of them in the knee, sending all four of them fleeing and unwilling to continue the shootout.
  • In Foley, Ala., a man shot and killed his wife. A member of her family fatally shot the man before he could kill any more family members.
  • A Florida man ambushed a female bar employee around 2:20 a.m. and tried to carjack her. The woman’s boyfriend shot the man several times, killing him. He has not been charged.
  • A Florida family of three was asleep when the mother saw an intruder. She woke up her husband, who confronted — then perforated — the assailant. The bad guy died at the scene. The police ruled that the shooting was justified.
  • In Hillsdale, Mo., a man shot his rideshare driver when he refused to pay for the rider’s fast food order. The driver returned fire and shot the hungry thug twice before bailing out of his car. The bad guy drove off but was summarily arrested. He is being held on $250,000 bond.
  • San Antonio police say a man used “immense force” to break down a bolted door. The resident shot the home invader and killed him. The police say the resident acted in self-defense.

Home invasions are particularly brutal crimes as the assailants know the victims are home and very likely intend to harm them in some way. In 2007, a Cheshire, Conn., family was attacked at 3 a.m. by two legacy animals who followed the mother and one of her daughters home from a Walmart and then waited for darkness. The two men broke into the home and proceeded to beat and torture the family for hours and repeatedly raped the mother and two daughters —17 and 10 years old — after tying them to their beds. The father was beaten with a baseball bat, thrown into the basement, and tied to a cellar.

One of the miscreants later drove the mother to a bank and told her to take out $15,000 in cash. She told the bank teller her family was being held hostage. Before police could get to the family’s house, the thugs spread gas through the home — including around the girls’ beds — and set it aflame. Police arrived to find that the mother had been strangled to death, and the girls — still tied to their beds — died of smoke inhalation. The father survived. The two reprobates were sentenced to death but got a reprieve when the Connecticut State Supreme Court decided to outlaw the death penalty.

Guns do save lives. It’s impossible to know how many more innocent bystanders or family members might have been killed — not to mention raped and beaten — if all 66 of these gun owners didn’t have the firepower to fight back.


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BONUS! Whereas I like certain words for a gun, like gat, boomstick, and pocket rocket, my favorite is “mohaska” which is how Sean Connery refers to a gun in the 1987 film The Untouchables. Mohaska was a slang term for guns in the 1920s.

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