Democrats Can Be Either Woke or Liberal, but They Can't Be Both

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We saw some political tectonic plate-shifting in 2016. The woke had taken the Democrat Party by the throat. The party of JFK was long gone. Even the Democrat Party of Bill Clinton was in the grave. The commies were now in charge.


Many longtime Democrat voters, fearful of being called some sort of bigoty “phobe” (homophobe, Islamaphobe, or worse, the dreaded TRANSPHOBE!) stayed with the program and obeyed the new Democrat narrative. Some longtime Democrats — like the police and union workers — jumped on the Trump train.

Now, seven years later, the Democrat Party has headed further into Commieville. Not only are leftists expected to believe that a mentally ill man in a dress is every bit as much a woman as their mothers, but they are also forced to applaud when a trans dude beats real women in a college swim meet or a trans boxer breaks the skulls of two women in the ring. Apparently, testosterone levels aren’t as much of an indicator of womanhood as sparkly nail polish. This is where things get wonky; it’s becoming increasingly impossible for a liberal to be “woke.”

Free Speech

As a former New York City liberal (forgive me, Father, for I knew not what I was doing), I firmly believed — and still do — in free speech. My Democrat mantra was, “I may not agree with what you say but I will die fighting for your right to say it.” Today’s Democrats have chucked this idea for the more popular “If I disagree with you, I will shut your voice down and have you fired, you racist colonizer.”

I saw the change coming years ago and got out of the Democrat Party while the gettin’ was groovy. Sorry, Democrats — you can’t be both woke and liberal at the same time.


You are either for or against free speech, even when that “speech” makes you uncomfy.

FACT-O-RAMA! Soap-dodging hippies in 1967 fought for free speech at Berkeley University. Fifty-five years later, their pink-haired, scrotum-hating grandkids are fighting —  literally — to send it to the dustbin of history.

Part of the problem is that the woke jackpuddings move the goalposts. They not only think hate speech should be banned but they want to decide what is and isn’t hate speech. Typically, “hate speech” is anything that gets a wokester’s non-binary undies in a twist.

Personally, I don’t care if a dude wears panties; I just don’t believe I should get fired for not calling him “her.” It’s not hate speech; it’s called sanity.

FACT-O-RAMA! If transgender people aren’t cray-cray, why do 50% try to kill themselves? I assure you it’s not because normal folks “misgender” them.

Women’s Lib

Liberals were always for “women’s rights.” Wokesters can’t even define what a woman is.

The woke Nazis pretend conservatives are monsters because of their views on abortion, but they’ll spit on you when you talk about the real oppression — and violence — that flows from Islam.

Muslim women live with persecution your woke, victim-hungry sister-in-law can only dream of.


It’s Raining (Gay) Men

The woke also attack conservatives for their views on gay marriage. Meanwhile, Muslim monsters toss gay men off of buildings.

Woke harpies screech that dead-naming someone is “violence” but will spit on you for pointing out that Muslims treat women like a dogsled team and drop gay men like hot rocks to their deaths.

Black People

I remember when the goal of black folks — and the Democrats — was equality. But today’s liberal hipsters demand preferential treatment for black people. Somewhere along the line, equality was changed to “equity,” and to the left, that means letting black criminals out of jail and keeping them out with cashless bail laws. What could go wrong? Three years and counting of a nationwide crime wave that is gutting mostly black communities, that’s what.

SACRIFICE-O-RAMA! Black Lives Matter, a known Marxist organization, is guilty of sacrificing black lives for the woke narrative. BLM has made a tiny number of black people wealthy, while their “defund the police”  nonsense has cost more black lives since 2020 than the KKK took in 86 years.


Criminals tend to prey on their own races. White merry-Andrews, desperate to show how “woke” they are, sacrifice black lives when they fight to keep black criminals on the streets. A true liberal — or conservative —  would prefer to stop the black-on-black carnage taking place in our large cities and keep criminals where they belong: in prison.

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When it comes to the rights and safety of women, gay people, or black folks, the woke narrative — or as I call it, communism — is more important to the left than their actual constituents. A true liberal would never sign on to this nonsense, nor would a conservative. Real liberals need to get their party back or watch the carnage continue.


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