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Daily Dose of Downey: Black Americans in Blue Cities Pay the Price of Woke

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Fine, Call Me a Racist

A recent story in the Seattle Times bemoans the fact that police watchdogs and civil libertarians are “alarmed and disappointed by a new report showing officers  despite nearly a decade under federal oversight partly intended to address bias  continue to stop and use force against Black people in the city far more often than white people.”

What it should say is, “Cops pull over people breaking the law and subdue those that resist, many of whom happen to be black. Why is that? What can we do about it?”

The liberal, white columnist at the Seattle Times then goes on to blame police for doing their jobs. Nowhere does he say, “Why is black crime wildly out of proportion?” More importantly, he never says, “Why do we libs ignore and thus encourage this?”

Colin Flaherty, author of White Girl Bleed a Lot and Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry, refers to crime as the “new black entitlement.” The Seattle Times seems to agree.

The author of the Seattle Times article ALMOST gets it. He writes, “Over that five-year period, the data shows that between 31% and 35% of all stops involved Black people, who make up just 7% of the city’s population. By comparison, white people, who make up 70% of the city’s population, made up about 55% of the stops.”

Yes, because black people commit more crimes. There, I said it. Call me a racist for pointing out facts. The truth is, the liberals just want black people to get away with crimes. They want cops to pull someone over and say, “Sorry, I couldn’t tell you were black when I stopped you. Have a nice day.”

Why? Because white libs are too woke to say what everyone knows: Black people commit more crimes than their population would suggest, and pointing it out is not allowed. To a liberal, it’s better to watch black people get murdered than address the real problem, which seems really racist to me.

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

The mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, who became famous for letting BLM and Antifa take over a portion of her city, even calling it the “summer of love” as rapes and violent crime ran rampant, seems to be allergic to learning. She defunded the Seattle Police Department and invested $10.4 million to “reimagine” policing. Murders are up 125% from June 2020.

FACT-O-RAMA! Seattle recently “defunded” its police budget by $34 million, or 13%.

Durkan, who gutted her police funding, “imagines” patchouli-smelling hippies showing up to 20% of police calls to take care of business. She assumes people are just going to comply with unsworn, untrained, and unarmed “citizen patrols” that show up to ask them to turn down their music. She doesn’t see that the guy blaring Slipknot might be on PCP, and may kick the “citizen patrol” into a coma. Then again, she is the genius who allowed anarchists to take over a part of her town and go on a rape fest. Durkan, who dutifully licked the boot fashionable pumps of Antifa and the Air Jordans of BLM, promptly disbanded the CHOP zone when the apparatchiks, including at least one city council member, arrived at her home and demanded her head.

Liberals Are Getting Black People Killed

The Austin, Texas, city council voted unanimously to defund 34% of its police budget, roughly $150 million. Shocker, crime exploded, including murders. Austin just matched last year’s murder rate and still has five months to go.

Minneapolis gutted their cops’ budget as well and crime skyrocketed, especially murder, including several kids who were shot. Most of the victims are black.

A person is shot in Chicago every two hours, and one is murdered every 11 hours and 2 minutes, and 83.3% of the victims are black.

As this carnage continues, white libs pat themselves on the back and feel great about how woke they are. So woke they won’t acknowledge the black body count. Now who is the racist?

It just doesn’t occur to a white liberal to shut up and allow the police to arrest criminals. That, and only that, will break this current, Democrat-sponsored crime wave that is killing black people nationwide.