Why Are Black People Still Voting for Democrats? It's Magic!

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If you’re still on Facebook, you’ll notice the lefty prags are taking victory laps over the re-election of wife-beater Raphael Warnock to the U.S. Senate.


Once upon a time, being a racist anti-semite like Warnock — or David Duke — would keep a person from winning a U.S. Senate seat, but this is Warnock’s second victory. Racism is cool these days, provided you’re entitled to victim status. Long gone are the days of Martin Luther King Jr.’s fight for equality; now it’s about “equity.” Meaning, certain groups who were once or believe they now are victims of “white oppression” are not only free to hate with impunity, they are rewarded, sometimes with a seat on the U.S. Senate.

But identity politics wasn’t enough to get Warnock elected. His opponent, Herschel Walker, is just as black. Yet black voters went mostly for Warnock. Why? Because black folks are still dedicated to the Democrats, which is amazing considering how the Democrats have mistreated black people for 400 years.

HOUDINI-O-RAMA! The Democrats’ greatest magic trick was getting black people to forget who enslaved them, who imposed Jim Crow laws on them once they were free, who voted against Civil Rights for years, who made them sit at the back of the bus, and who turned firehoses on their children for trying to get an education.

A 66-year-old black friend whom I’ll call Ray told me his dad became a Democrat when MLK came out against presidential hopeful Barry Goldwater. King found that Goldwater “articulates a philosophy which gives aid and comfort to the racists.”


This came shortly after legendary bigot, Democrat President Lyndon Johnson, caved to progress and allegedly said, “I’ll have them n——s voting Democratic for 200 years.” He pushed southern Democrats to finally vote for civil rights, almost 30 years after Democrat President FDR refused to sign an anti-lynching law black people desperately needed.

FACT-O-RAMA! The Republican Party was created to end slavery. Despite the Democrats’ centuries-long dedication to holding black people down, leftists today falsely claim the two parties “switched sides” when it comes to racism, as though the Democrats woke up one day and said, “let’s stop being racists” at the same time Republicans allegedly said, “it’s time for us to hate black people!”

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Show this brief video to your liberal albatross sister-in-law and her pink-haired, tri-gendered boi?-friend “Dylan” when they screech that the Democrats and Republicans “switched sides.”

Almost 60 years later, black voters still rally around Democrat candidates. Never mind that liberal, progressive policies like cashless bail and emptying jails have caused a nationwide crime surge that is gutting black communities.

In 2020, 9,941 black people were murdered. Generally, 93% of black people are killed by other black people. In comparison, the Ku Klux Klan killed 3,446 people in their first 86 years of existence.


When we look at the body count, the KKK doesn’t compare to the Democrats’ policies when it comes to annihilating black people.

FACT-O-RAMA! New York GOP 2022 gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin claimed he would fire Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, whose soft-on-crime, thug-hugging ways have led to tragic levels of murders, with most of the victims being black. Black voters still overwhelmingly supported the Democrat candidate, Kathy Hochul, who refuses to fire Bragg and allows the carnage to continue.

So why do black people continue to vote for Democrats? Part of it is peer pressure. Also, Democrat hate peddlers — including legacy race-baiters like Hillary Clinton — are working full-time to keep anti-white, anti-Republican bigotry alive and well in the United States. Democrats sell “Republican racism” to black people and then exploit them for votes.

Watch the Hilldebeast video below, as she suggests the Flint, Mich., water crisis was the result of racism. Who cares that the mayor of Flint and seven out of nine City Council members at the time were black and most of them were Democrats? Hillary has some fake hatred to sell, all in the name of the almighty vote.

Notice how Hillary checks her notes to read the names of two white, wealthy suburbs to contrast with Flint — towns she has never heard of but is sure wouldn’t have a water problem for long because they are rich white havens.


I said weeks ago, if what had been happening in Flint had happened in Gross Point or Bloomfield Hills, I think we all know we would have had a solution yesterday.

COPPERFIELD-O-RAMA! Flint, a somewhat poor town north of Detroit, switched water systems to save money, as many people were allegedly not paying their water bills. Despite the city being led by mostly black Democrats, media dolts like Huffpo referred to the situation as “environmental racism.” By the time the problem was fixed, over one dozen people were charged with crimes, up to and including Gov. Snyder, who was — ta-DA! — a white Republican. Props on the phrase “environmental racism” — that’s a gasser!

Republicans are still seen as the party of rich, white racists, and a lot of black people are taught to hate white Republicans not only by Democrats but by family members.

PROSPERITY-O-RAMA! Black people enjoyed their lowest level of unemployment in history under the supposedly racist President Trump. Democrats have historically offered people handouts that keep them poor.

With all the racial hatred stirred up by Democrats, it’s easy to see how liberals exploit black fear — and votes — with cries of “systemic” or even the ridiculous “environmental” racism purportedly conjured up by drooling, white Republicans in MAGA caps.


Candace Owens once said that Democrats represent black America the way plantation owners represented slaves.

Meanwhile, as Democrats point to Republicans and scream “Bigot!” let’s not forget that our Segregationist-in-Chief Joe Biden and Bill Clinton eulogized Hillary’s mentor, former KKK recruiter Sen. Robert Byrd. Yet Trump couldn’t disavow “white supremacy” enough. Doug Henning would be proud.



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