Four Mass Shooting Truths to Shut Down Your Liberal Family Members at Thanksgiving Dinner

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The media is shifty when it comes to mass shootings. They decide which shootings we do and do not get to hear about. If a shooting doesn’t jive with the liberal narrative, you’re not likely to hear the gory details.


FACT-O-RAMA! In order to talk about mass shootings, we have to agree on the definition of what a mass shooting is. Gun Violence Archive defines a mass shooting as four or more people shot, not including the shooter/shooters.

The recent mass shooting in Colorado Springs is the 601st mass shooting in 2022. There have been four mass shootings since then, but you likely haven’t about them. You probably didn’t hear about most of the previous 600 shootings, either. Why is that? Because the left is keeping secrets. Let’s talk about what they don’t want you to know about mass shootings and why, so you can dominate your commie relatives at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Mass Shooting Secret #1: The AR-15 Is Not a Mass Shooter’s Weapon of Choice

The left likes to screech about the evils of AR-15s and their use in mass shootings. Some dolts whine that the AR-15 is the “preferred weapon” of mass shooting whackjobs. I rate this myth: five big, stinkin’ Pinocchios.

When you’re arguing at the Thanksgiving table with your liberal sister-in-law and her green-haired, trans-pan muxe-puke femme-boi?friend, she’ll go full-harpy on how AR-15s are the preferred weapons of mass shooters. This is odd, because even the Pravda-like lefty media outlet ABC News had to admit that’s false. As did Newsweek and The New York Times. Yet the left somehow still manages to convince their quislings that assault semi-automatic rifles are the problem. Why is that? We’ll discuss that in a bit.


Mass Shooting Secret #2: Most Mass Shooters Aren’t Angry White MAGA Dudes

No mass shooting argument is complete without a bolshie screeching that “angry, white men” are responsible for the lion’s share of mass shootings. Again, this lie warrants five whopper Pinocchios. Also, it’s where your lib-in-law will lose its gender-free mind when you show him/her/zhim this article.

As I’ve written before, most mass shootings are committed by black men. The media goes radio-silent when black dudes blaze up a rap concert, as we saw when three black men perforated more than 22 people in Miami in May of 2021. That story disappeared pretty quickly. As did a recent Halloween drive-by in Chicago that left 13 people injured, including three kids, and one man dead. No MAGA hats or white suspects were found.

Mass Shooting Secret # 3: Fudging the Numbers

The liberal guntards are happy to screech that mass shootings are on the rise. In fact, this is true. The nation saw 611 mass shootings in 2020, and we will easily beat that by the end of Thanksgiving weekend this year. There were 690 multiple-victim shootings in 2021.

The left likes to pull some gun-grabbing chicanery at this point. They are happy to point out the 600-plus mass shootings but conveniently leave out that most are drive-by, drug-related, gang-related, or just pointless party shootings. Again, this omission is likely due to the race of those spreading mad brass around our major cities. The commies will scream about the number of mass shootings (because it fits the narrative) while conveniently forgetting to mention who is pulling the triggers, as this wouldn’t work with the liberal brainwashing scheme.


New York’s gun-loathing governor, Kathy Hochul, can’t stop talking about the brutal May 14 mass shooting in her hometown of Buffalo, which left mostly black people killed and wounded, but hasn’t said a word about the Nov. 5 mass shooting in the same city that left four people injured. Nor has she mentioned the 45 mass shootings in Chicago this year. Is it because some lives matter more than others? Or because these shootings don’t help the commie cause?

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Mass Shooting Secret # 4: Mass Shootings Are a Tiny Proportion of Gun Murders

As of today, Gun Violence Archive states that roughly 15,608 people have been murdered with guns in 2022. (This doesn’t count defensive shootings and unintentional shootings.) Of those, around 545 people were killed in mass shootings. This means mass shootings make up 3.49% of all gun-related murders. Yet, the apparatchiks in the mainstream media would have us believe mass shootings are a major cause of death in the United States.

SHOCK-O-RAMA! More than 500 Americans are hit by lightning every year, making the chance of getting killed in a mass shooting and getting hit by lightning about the same.

What Have We Learned?


We have learned that the media is very picky about which mass shootings make — and stay in — the headlines. If the shooting doesn’t fit the narrative, it’s almost like it never happened.

We know that those big, scary AR-15s — and those pesky high-capacity magazines — aren’t the weapon of choice for mass shooters, though the bum lickers in the liberal news media would have us think otherwise.

We also figured out that mass shootings make up a tiny fraction of murders in the nation, yet they get most of the media ink. And we learned most shooters aren’t drooling white men in MAGA hats.

So what gives?

There are two bogus narratives oozing out of the liberal press: White guys are the biggest domestic problem facing the nation; and AR-15s pose a threat to the population. Neither is true.

My humble opinion is that the Democrats have been hijacked by globalists who want us unarmed. You know — the way Hitler, Stalin, and Mao wanted their people defenseless. If a government wants its population unarmed, they are probably up to no good.

The leftists are using mass shootings to take away the AR-15. They happily stand on the bodies of dead kids, gay people, and anyone else viciously murdered in a mass shooting to propagate their lies. I almost think they look forward to these violent incidents.


Now that you know how to trounce your commie-in-laws in a verbal joust, let’s start out the Thanksgiving weekend with some laughs. Here’s another great video by my friends at Jokes and a Point. Remember, liberals are miserable, self-hating merry andrews. Conservatives know how to have fun.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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